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Beet the chequer

(Otherwise known as rampant homophone abuse.)

Write a hundred-word drabble with as many incorrect homophones (words that sound the same but are written differently) as possible.

Thyme and tied

Mary-Sue’s manner stud on an I'll inn the see. A grate wore once tuck plaice they're. Now awl was piece…

Knot inn Mary-Sue’s hart.

She thought of the passed. She cud have bean sew happy hear with Severus, if heed loved her to.

"Yore knows is sew sexy!" she’d cried. "And your hare! The Greece! Doo yew care four me? Pleas weight! Eye no I’m Scilly, butt aisle always knead ewe!”

He wood knot luck at her any moor.

Their was nothing left. She ran threw the gait, strait down two the beech and through herself into the ruff waives.

(100 words, 47 abuses - excluding repeats and the place names, which are a bit of a cheat.)

* * * * *

It helps to turn off the spell-checker – the darned things are getting far too clever!

Extra house points for stories with any discernable literary merit.

Since these will be longer than the anagrams, it'll probably work better as posts rather than comments.
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